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One of the awesome things that happens during the month of October is Portland's H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival! This weekend was my second time attending the fest. My friends and I had the intention of seeing all the features this year as last year we did all the shorts. We did see quite a few, but our experience was sadly cut short due to one of my friends slipping in the theater and hurting herself. Ouch! I told her she should stop wrestling shogoths in the bathroom. ;)

As for the fest itself, I will give you a description of what I did get to experience:

One of the things about the festival that I love is all the vendors. They are all really weird and interesting, with a lot of strange oddities about. You can find everything from H.P. Lovecraft inspired comix, monster jewelry and oddities, make up, leather and metal work, and of course, tentacled wonders. There is everything a good cultist could ever want to spend money on.

I watched a few features, one being the Q & A with Stuart Gordon, director of the classic From Beyond! We even got to see a cut of the film that hasn't been seen before! I loved being in a crowd of fellow nerds laughing at From Beyond and all the over-the-top cheese! There is something rewarding about watching a movie on the big screen. It's more of a group experience then a personal one. "Every time I come to this festival I learn a little more about Lovecraft." Stuart Gordon said during the Q & A, "I think Lovecraft is inherently funny. Hence my little call backs like 666 on the door and Benevolent St. The 1980's was a good time for horror movies. Horror films thrive when you have a Republican president."

Listening to him speak was a treat. I love listening to filmmakers talk. And I think Stuart Gordon was a kind, funny man who was very down to earth. check out his work and you'll find a legend underappreciated.

One of the other films I saw and liked was The Creature Below. It was a cool take on Lovecraft, with a lady who goes deep sea diving and comes back with something from the depths. It was a very entertaining film, and the main character was really creepy near the end.

Another film I saw was Downhill. I almost liked this one, but they had some annoying shaky cam bits, and I think they left us with too many unanswered questions. A little more fleshing out of the script might have helped made this story more solid. There is a fine line between mystery building and just being too vague.

I have a whole list of films I wanted to see, like Badass Monster Killer (doesn't the name alone tell you how cool a exploitation Lovecraft film could be?), and animated film called Howard Lovecraft and the Frozen Kingdom, and lastly, The Unkindness of Ravens. I'm sad I missed these films!

There were other event's too! I didn't get to any of them due to time constraints and the accident, but there were fun things like game demo's, meet and greet's with the filmmakers, author signings, audio drama's, costuming Lovecraft, and so much more! I would have loved to go to more things. Maybe next year I will.

Once again the festival won my heart and made me feel like I was not just a film goer, but a part of a weird little family of fellow Lovecraft nerds! Even while standing in line I made friends, talking to people who share a passion. Portland tends to have some of the greatest and kindest horror nerds you'll ever meet. I'm hoping Seattle will grow more of their horror community so I can feel more at home here. It's likely I just know more about the Portland scene.

UNTIL NEXT YEAR CULTISTS! Check out the site and see what cool stuff we were up to this year:

Sunday, 2 October 2016

KWEENY REVIEWS: Killer Party and talks HHMMM!

Once again the moon is full, the month is October, and I have crawled out of my putrid grave to celebrate! And I'm thinking, let's start off this month of MADNESS with a movie review!

For those of you unawares, I spend the month of October doing a crazy movie watching contest called HALLOWEEN HORROR MOVIE MARATHON MADNESS, or MADNESS for short. It's a Facebook group that is full of nerds like me, who like to use October as an excuse to marathon the shit out of every horror or Halloween themed movie in existence! My team is called Team Killing Joke, after one of my favorite Joker stories. There's a lot of cool events and teams this year, and our theme for movie watching is:

So when I got emailed to do a review of the movie KILLER PARTY, it seemed almost like destiny that I wait and review it at the start of the Horror Marathon! Bring on the crazy clown! *honk*

Killer Party is about a bunch of acting friends get together for a baby shower. Little do they know, this baby shower will turn into a fight for their lives! When some weird phenomenon makes people go completely bonkers, (not quite a zombie outbreak, because people who get sick retain all their normal functions. Which makes them a little scary.) these quirky friends try to survive and find a way out.

It's a simple set up, nothing that hasn't been done before. Except the clown from the party gets sick. And then some of their neighbors. And then some of their friends. The shenanigans the group gets up to doing things like look for food is some funny shit! I laughed so hard during some scenes, but I don't want to spoil it and tell you too many details...

Another thing I loves was the failed actors group. Each one had a unique character they brought to the group, even the ones that seemed like assholes. If they were amateur actors for real, I don't know. But I do think they gave convincing performances. So many times when I watch indie films the acting is th first to go. Glad to say this isn't the case here. I think people just had fun shooting this film, and it comes out. It's not filmed in a special way, but it's decent cinematography. Each character felt like they had a good moment, and a reason to be there. and I have to applaud Mary (Played by Rachael Dummond) for being actually pregnant on set! That belly is real folks! The clown is probably my other favorite character. Just pure evil in bright colors. Does the clown get his comeuppance? Check out Killer Party and find out!

My final verdict is this is one to watch. It's funny, sincere, a little goofy, and somethings unnerving. Need another clown movie to get you full points during the HHMMM? Look for this one.

Friday, 15 July 2016

Kweeny Interviews: Tristan Clay and Destinie Orndoff!

I am a little behind on things lately, so I didn't post it right away. But since RED EYE isbeing filmed right now, I figure posting it now is still relevant. Plus I love the interview. The pair of them were kind and understanding. I appreciate that. Supporting the horror genre is important to me. 

You can always tell when someone is passionate about what they do, and when someone is just doing it for a paycheck. Seeing original, indie film makers rise to the challenge is inspiring. It shows that if you love something enough, you will make sure your passion bleeds through. And that is exactly what Filmmakers Tristan Clay and Destinie Orndoff are doing. At the time I write this, they are almost completely funded on their new project Red Eye. The pair are bringing their horror vision to life. And many of us like myself can’t wait to see what they have to show us. I thought I’d sit down with the pair and ask them some questions from one horror fan to another. So let’s begin…

What shaped you guys as young kids when you first entered the horror genre? 

Destinie: My first horror film was A Nightmare on Elm Street, I was six years old. I remember going to the video store and renting various VHS' and going home to watch them, alone. Yep, alone. Haha! I loved it. I remember my first ever horror film in a movie theater was Freddy VS Jason, I was also six! I just always dug it, always. I grew up on it. And now, it's shaped what I want to do with my life.

Tristan: I grew up in a religious household where the church banned rated R films to be viewed. I had a great amount of restrictions when it came to horror growing up. Although, that never stopped me from sneaking and watching movies I wasn't suppose to. It wasn't that I wanted to rebel, it was because something about horror intrigued me. More so all the behind the scenes and gags. That is what fascinated me to horror films. What truly made the film.

What would you say your influences are? 

Destinie: I'd definitely say Rob Zombie, The Soska Sisters, Wes Craven and from an actress perspective, Danielle Harris.
Tristan: I would say the film's I grew up watching were the most influential. Titles such as "The Grudge," "The Ring," "Jaws," and the remake of "Prom Night."

How did you both meet? Finding kindred spirits who love the same things you do and have the same passion is special. 

Destinie: I met Tristan at HorrorHound Weekend in March of 2015. We previously talked through Instagram about requesting the Soska Sisters to attend the convention and when they got added we decided to meet up and meet them together! We honestly became instant BFFs and talked literally everyday after that day. When we both found out that we had a common dream of (directing - Tris) and (acting - me) we built each other up and decided to start on a feature length horror film. Four months later (that July) he ended up coming to my house to film the first promotional video for Red Eye entitled RUN. 

Tristan: We actually met through Instagram when we teamed up to get Jen and Sylvia Soska at a convention we were both hoping to attend. They ended up getting added and we met up at the con to meet them and go to their panel together! Then, well, the rest is history!

How has funding for Red Eye been? Has the process taught you many things? 

Destinie: The funding was stressful, but in the end it was amazing. All the hours and work we put into it turned positive. We pushed and pushed to make our dream a reality and never gave up and it ended up paying off.

Tristan: If I can be honest, it was the most challenging thing I've done. Quite the learning experience, although, It ended up teaching me a lot about our audience, promotions budgeting, and how to really draw in the attention.

What advice would you give to filmmakers who wanna go this route? 

Destinie: My advice to filmmakers who want to go this route is to be ready to kick ass full time. Everyday you need to be posting, messaging, and letting people know what you're doing, why you're doing it, why they should donate to you, and how they can get involved. You cannot half ass a crowdfunding campaign. You need to market yourself, find a way to have people trust that their hard earned money is going into something passionate and kick ass, you need to put together interesting perks, get your target audience involved through them and if possible, bring together people (cast and crew) who WANT to be there, who have a common passion for what you're doing, then show your audience that. Also if you can, shoot a promotional video to showcase what you're going for and to show your target audience what's in store. It is possible, and if you really want to make a film and see that this is your only way to do so, then I believe you can succeed.
Tristan: I know there are people who like the crowdfunding platforms and some who do not. I personally think it's a great way for others to get involved and the only way to get original ideas made and seen! If you're a filmmaker and you want to go this it! Prepare to promote and work overtime throughout your campaign. Also, make sure to plan ahead and carefully budget everything out!

How was it like for you Destinie on the set of Party Night? 

Destinie: Party Night was SO much fun! It was my first feature, the only things I had done previous were promos for Red Eye and our short film, Sin. It was a dream come true, honestly. I LOVE 80's slashers and to have the chance to be in one was just surreal.
Did it get you excited for more future acting projects? 

Destinie: I am super stoked for any and all future projects, being in horror films was my dream since I was a little girl.

SIN was a pretty brutal little short film. Was it challenging for you to be so vulnerable Destinie? The subject matter was rather intense. 

Destinie: It wasn't too challenging to be so helpless. I'm used to playing the victim so screaming and crying was familiar to do. As for the subject matter, the cross thing was actually my idea so, haha!

Tristan, did you have trouble hearing Destinie cry like that? She has a very convincing scream. Is it hard sometimes to separate business from your personal lives? 

Destinie: I don't think it's hard to separate business from our personal life at all. On set we're professional and working then on breaks we're boyfriend and girlfriend.
Tristan: Boy oh boy, can that sentence be ever more true. It sends chills down my spine most of the times I hear it. And the audio doesn't do her scream justice, it's more sharper and realistic in person. But I guess you can say I'm use to her screams by now.
Is it hard to separate business from our personal lives? Not really for us. When we are on set, we do our thing. When we are off set, we do our thing. I'm lucky to have found someone who has the same goals and passions as I.

What is the most challenging thing about film-making and which part do you enjoy the most? 

Destinie: I think the most challenging thing about our first project was the fundraising first off, and it was kind of difficult to find people that were as passionate as us and wanted to come together to create something amazing. We obviously found those people, I love our cast and crew! Another thing would probably be casting a specific role, a lot of people turned it down due to subject matter. For my favorite part of the process - I really enjoy writing, I've been writing since I was a kid so I love creating this whole world and characters that get put into fucked up situations. Then obviously filming, from a writers perspective its fucking amazing to see your characters come to life, and from an acting perspective I love screaming and getting bloody!!!
Tristan: Finding people who get your vision and truly understand it. For my favorite part that I enjoy most would have to be writing then filming. I'm such an impatient human being that I just want to always bounce from one set to the next with no time in between.
Soon you will be shooting for REDEYE. Did you both expect how successful your fundraiser would be? 

Destinie: I didn't expect it to be as successful as it was. I mean, I expected people to dig it because horror fans are fucking awesome and a good majority supports the indie scene. But, what happened was more than amazing to me. People liked what they were seeing, so many people were excited for something we did, people were buying our perks to support the making of our film. It's just...fucking wow. That's all I can really say. It's a dream come true.
Tristan: I personally did not. Although, I had hoped we would reach our goal sometimes these things are unpredictable but we went two grand over our initial goal and we couldn't be more thankful!
Did you find it difficult to find a good crew to help you make REDEYE? You have some great people on board if you want to talk a little about them. 

Destinie: I talked a little about the crew above and it was kind of difficult but all in all we found some amazing people that have the same amount of passion as us for horror and film.
Tristan: Yes. It was quite difficult finding a good crew. It was the most challenging for one of our characters to be casted because of the content the position required. We've been told we need to tone the script down if we want to get the crew we wish. Luckily, we found someone who gets our vision and will be a key part in bringing this film to life. Once you see the film, you'll know what I'm talking about!
And finally, if there is one piece of advice you can give to would-be filmmakers, what would it be? 
Destinie: Well, we kind of are just starting but the only thing I can say is really a bit of advice and this can answer the next question as well - never give up. Never ever fucking EVER, give up. If this is what you want to do with your life, if you want to make a film and you have the passion to do so then you go make a fucking kick ass film. It is possible. You can do it, and if the first one doesn't take you to that next level then you go out and make another. You go fucking kill it. You only get one chance in this life, don't spend eight hours doing something you hate to get home to do a few hours of something you love. You deserve better than that, chase your dreams and do something that makes you happy. You got it.
Tristan: That would be, always believe in yourself and stand by your vision when no one else will. Never give up.

Thanks for joining me Tristan and Destinie! I can see big and bloody things coming in your future. Feel free to pimp out any links you'd like us to check out of your work below.

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